Everyone plans differently! But no matter what, plan to play.

Research by several independent organizations has found:

  • ALL students benefit from ST Math
  • The more students play, the better the results but every minute is beneficial.

In general, you'll need to think about

  • Ensuring your class is set up correctly in ST Math.
  • You have a plan to get students playing regularly.
  • If necessary, you've decided how to introduce ST Math and how to log in to your students.
  • You've made a plan to come back to the Academy to learn how best to support your students and monitor their progress (and more!).

If you prefer to plan ahead and write everything down, use the Planning Forms (links to the fillable PDFs are below) that includes Planning Your Implementation and Planning Your Introduction.

If you prefer a more general picture of things to consider, take a look at the checklists at the bottom of the page and go for it!

And don't forget your students' families!

They will likely be curious about ST Math. Provide this link bit.ly/welcome_stmath which will introduce them to ST Math, give them some tips on helping their student, and let them play some games. Try it for yourself here:

How Will You Be Using ST Math?

To use ST Math, your students will need an internet enabled computer or one of the more popular tablets. (For a complete list of supported devices, see the Technical Requirements.)

How those devices will be used will depend on your particular situation. We have, however, learned some things about best practices for each of the models.

Computer Lab

Small Group Intervention


Whole Class

Remote Learning

How Much and How Often Should Students Play?

Here's What You'll Need To Do On Day 1

Check For Understanding

Think about your answer and then click to reveal our thoughts.

Are you ready for the first day of ST Math?

What's Next