Focus On: Involving Families ~ 6 min Let families in on the ST Math fun!
Focus On: Creating and Managing Classes ~ 8 min All teachers can now make "staff-managed" classes to organize their students and differentiate their instruction. Learn why, when, and how to do it.
Focus On: Celebrating ~ 5 min After thinking so hard, it's a good thing to take some time to celebrate! Get some great ideas and resources to celebrate the thinkers in your class.
Focus On: ST Math in Your Classroom ~ 10 min Find out how ST Math can be used to increase discourse and support your regular math curriculum.
Focus On: Meeting Your Students' Needs ~ 7 min ST Math provides a unique experience that allows each of your students to succeed and become perseverant problem solvers.
Focus On: Using Middle School Auto-Assignments ~ 12 min Students in grades 6+ can get a personalized set of Objectives that will help close gaps in their understanding. That's in addition to approaching grade-level content in a whole new way. Get a real-life perspective from a middle school teacher who got great results using ST Math with her students.
Focus On: Differentiating ST Math ~ 8 min ST Math provides educators with many tools to personalize instruction and provide classes and students with intervention and/or extension content. Learn about Assignments, Snoozing, and Disabling the Journey.
Focus On: Teaching Remotely with ST Math ~ 12 min A quick guide to using ST Math as a remote instructional tool to deepen and extend learning. Practical ideas and resources to share are provided to make teaching remotely a little easier and a lot more effective.
Focus On: Using Puzzle Talks Remotely ~ 16 min Puzzle Talks are a way to get students thinking about and solving ST Math puzzles as a group -- even remotely. Join a teacher as she works on an ST Math puzzle with a group of students (and a dad).