Take a look at any math book and you'll see . . . a lot of words. Requiring students to read and learn a specific vocabulary (e.g., plus, minus, sum, equals, factor, fraction) adds to the complexity of learning math and makes it more challenging to focus on the actual math concept. ST Math turns it around and deals with the math first, then introduces language and symbols to represent the concepts students already understand.

You might have heard that ST Math is a “words-free” or “language-free” program. Actually, language is carefully and strategically incorporated into ST Math’s neuroscience-based design.

How Language is Introduced

Removing Language as a Barrier

The Intentional Use of Language

Check For Understanding

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Why does ST Math start out puzzles by removing symbols and words?

True or False: ST Math is ‘language free.’

True or false - ST Math can be used to promote mathematical discourse.

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