As you move into this very unusual school year, the entire team at ST Math wants you to know we're here to support you in whatever model or plan you've adopted. This Focus On: module will give you some ideas and resources that you can use to harness the power of ST Math as a remote instructional tool. With it, your students can make significant progress in math and build a strong conceptual understanding no matter what your situation.

The most important message is that the best use of ST Math is at home as an independent learning tool (Part 1).

Then, when you are ready, your students are ready, and parents are ready (especially for the littles) you can begin to leverage ST Math as a remote instructional tool (Part 2 coming soon).

After that, or in coordination with using it as a remote instructional tool, think about ways that you can deepen and extend that learning, making connections and building understanding (Part 3 coming soon).

First, if you are new to ST Math, we highly recommend that you complete the first unit in The Essentials Course. It will give you the background you need to implement ST Math in your remote or in-person classroom.

Then, review the information on this page and decide how you want to incorporate ST Math into your plan. Remember that research is clear that having students play the recommended time each week results in significant growth in mathematics but all time on the games is beneficial.

Setting Students Up for Successful Independent ST Math Use

Introduce ST Math

Communicate Expectations

Create a Schedule

Plan to Track, Monitor, and Celebrate




Share Resources with Families

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