Differentiating Options Available in ST Math

The ST Math grade-level Journeys have been sequenced by educators, mathematicians and neuroscientists to create the optimal path through the ST Math grade level content. The path applies the following factors in its design:

  • Content Dependencies: There are a number of content dependencies within a grade level. The Journey respects this sequence.
  • Topics of Major Focus: There is a high emphasis placed on the topics of major focus of the grade level, ensuring students first get a Spatial Temporal experience with the critical topics of the grade level. 
  • Topic Spiraling: Rather than massing all the topics of the grade level, the Journey spirals through topics, ensuring students get key exposure to critical topics before going deeper within each domain.

Educators, using their data and knowledge of their students, sometimes feel that the order of Objectives provided in the Journey doesn't meet their students' needs. Assignments, snoozing Objectives, and disabling the Journey provide the flexibility to provide your students the best ST Math experience.

Individual and Class Assignments

An Assignment is any Objective from any grade level that is played separate from the grade-level Journey. (Expand to learn more.)

Welcome to Assignments!

Finding Objectives to Assign

How to Assign One or Multiple Objectives

Keeping Track of Assignments

Snoozing Objectives for Your Class

Turning Off the Journey for Individual Students